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About Pearl Acupuncture & Healing Center

Pearl Acupuncture & Healing Center is an outstanding group of health care practitioners that has been serving Sandy, OR since 2004.

Anna Zell LAc is the founder of the clinic, originally in Estacada, OR. She purchased the Way of Health practice of in 2004 and consolidated her practices in Sandy, OR. Tsueyhwa Lai LAc, PhD, Renee Rodden LMT and Heather Michet, registered Aromatherapist complete the clinic offerings with their exceptional skills.

We are passionate about natural medicine. We believe that your body has an inherent ability to heal. We support and assist your unique healing process by joining the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western massage and nutritional therapy. Our goal is to meet your health needs at all stages of life using natural therapies.

The calm relaxing clinic environment is a place for transformation, growth and healing. We strive to provide excellent care and a focus on collaboration, mentorship and support for each patient.

Our Team

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Anna Zell, LAc. MAOM
Oregon College of Oriental Medicine: 2002

Anna continued her studies after OCOM by becoming a certified nutritional therapy practitioner. Prior to moving to Oregon for acupuncture school, Anna lived in Minneapolis, MN and was a shiatsu massage therapist. She now lives on thirteen acres with her husband and raises heritage Jacob sheep. Her hobbies are spinning and dyeing wool, knitting, reading, gardening and cooking.

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Dr Tsueyhwa Lai
Doctoral Program, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine: 2007

Dr Lai specializes in women's health and geriatric care. She also discovered she enjoys working with pediatric patients while in private practice since 2002. She has also worked at OCOM as doctoral clinic chair and taught Chinese dietary therapy until 2014. She see's the most important role of a doctor; besides alleviating pain and discomfort, is to assist patients in regaining health through lifestyle changes and self care. She treats her patients with acupuncture, herbs, and dietary recommendations. Patients are encouraged to be involved in their healing process through self massage, nutrition and exercises. Dr Lai currently lives in Corbett, Oregon with her daughter Felicia. They enjoy reading, music, and developing their TCM herb farm.

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Renee Rodden LMT

Renee Rodden LMT, has been relaxing sore muscles in the Sandy area since 1999. She excels in working with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, TMD and motor vehicle injuries. If you haven’t had a massage from Renee, you’ve been missing out! Renee has two cats that give her much joy, while demanding daily massage.

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Heather Michet

Heather Michet is an impassioned healer, educator and songstress. She believes in the power of Nature to nourish us, keep us well, and help us get well. As a Registered Aromatherapist (RA227), Essential Oil Therapist (EOT), Reiki Master and soulful a cappella vocalist, she connects humans to their hearts, vibrant health and the Earth. Fresh Air FareTM, TranquilityTM, Sasha’s Muscle MenderTM and The Jump Journal are star products from her line of natural healing solutions.

Click here to visit Heather Michet's site to learn more about her services