Will Vitamins Kill You?

I view the current media buzz as the latest in a continued effort to cast doubt and suspicion on natural medicine and the supplement industry.  Do I take vitamins and herbal supplements?  You bet I do! They have helped me immeasurably.  And full disclosure, I sell nutritional and herbal supplements in my practice as an Acupuncturist and Nutritional Therapist.

But lets re-phrase the question a little bit.  Why take vitamins?

1.  Modern agricultural methods have reduced nutrient levels in foods. Nutrient decline in vegetables and soil mineral depletion.

2.  Stress, prescription drugs and exposure to environmental toxins increases our nutritional needs. http://www.chiro.org/nutrition/ABSTRACTS/Nutrient_Depletion.shtml and http://lifestylelaboratory.com/articles/stress-effects-nutrition.html

3.  Processed foods consumed in great abandon are devoid of adequate, balanced nutrition.  A favorite writer, Michael Pollan UnHappy Meals.

Fibromyalgia Case Study

But even better than all the opinions and research, let me tell you about a patient I’ve been working with.  Donna came to me with a fibromyalgia diagnosis.  She had very low energy and pain in her arms and legs. I had her record a food journal for me and I recommended more vegetables and water (very common recommendations).  We did an iodine patch test and the results indicated she might benefit from some iodine supplementation.

After a month her energy had increased and her pain decreased.  We did a functional test for omega 3 fish oil.  She had been taking a big box store fish oil, but failed the functional test for adequacy of essential fatty acids (EFA’s).  She tested well for Nordic Naturals Arctic Omega oil and began taking some daily.  Within one week she could tell a marked difference with significantly less pain in her arms, thighs and knees.

Donna is now going to the gym to work out three times a week and has been washing windows, cleaning the garage and doing yard work!  I think supplements have given her her life back, I doubt she has concerns about them killing her!








Author: Anna Zell

Licensed Acupuncturist practicing in Sandy, OR

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