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Staying Healthy in the Time of Covid19-Step 1

We are all eating at home more now with the "social distancing order".  I've been noticing in the grocery store that there aren't any shortages of the foods that keep us healthy; namely fresh fruits and vegetables! 

I always start suggesting improvements to patients health with a focus on breakfast.  Why is that?  Because the majority of our standard breakfast choices are sugar-laden.  Eliminating or reducing our sugar consumption is a major boost to our immune function.  Beginning your day with a protein and veggie meal is optimal for maintaining mental focus, energy, mood and stamina throughout your day.  The following link is to a favorite of mine with the added plus that it makes enough for 3-4 breakfasts if you're not feeding a large family.  I like to add some juice sweetened craisins (1/4 cup for the entire recipe).  Try it and let me know what you think!